He may not be Kenyan but he’s in Kenya and has strong links to several Kenyan artists such Prezzo and Nazizi having worked on music with both. However, what most have forgotten is the lad’s murky past involving a fight at a bar that was allegedly instigated by his then girlfriend which led to his subsequent prison sentence.

And that is not where it ends. The lad was incarcerated for his involvement in the fight had what can only be described as a nightmare stint in prison before being pardoned by presidential decree. he then released this song:

But what happened to him while he was in prison is what is shocking. As I said earlier, back in 2008, T.I.D was sentenced to spending 1 year in prison and while there, the rest of the prisoners attacked him. A fact he himself acknowledged and spoke about.


According to T.I.D which stands for Top In Dar, whose real names are Khalid Mohamed, the rest of the inmates took to calling him “mama’s boy”. But it didn’t end there. They then began attacking him. Rumours of the fact that he was sexually molested begun doing the rounds. He was eventually taken under the care of one inmate whom the rest of the prisoners feared and in exchange for his protection, TID would sing to him every night.

When commenting on his experience in prison all TID could say was that it makes people animals and allude to the sexual assault saying that such things, things he has experienced should never happen to any man.