Flashback Friday: Remember When Jimwat Allegedly Stole Alcohol From A Bar?

Jimwat has been through alot. He admitted to at some point of his life being addicted to alcohol -sorry, i mean being an alcoholic and a druggie. He has since reformed but not before hitting some rather crushing lows. The tale told about Jimwat on one of his lowest moments was when he stole a beer from the counter of his favourite haunt, a club that has since closed called Winkers. The thing about Winkers is that Jimwat had fallen in-love with the joint.

He was always to be found there and he even shot one of the videos to his biggest hit singles there:

As the story goes, Jimwat was having a beer and enjoying the atmosphere but decided to take advantage of the situation when the swamped waiter left him to serve some clients. it is alleged that Jimwat jumped behind the counter and helped himself to a few brews but was caught.

Embarrassing doesn’t even begin to cover it!