I remember the old days whereby owning a TV set was like owning an Iphone 6 nowadays. Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation was the only TV station in Kenya and everyone could scramble for space in a nearby bar so as to watch Badi Muhsin read the news. Staying in one of the biggest slums, you can imagine how insecure it was going back home after watching the news.

Badi Muhsin is one of the longest Swahili news anchors in Kenya having worked for the  oldest radio and TV station, the KBC for over 30 years. Badi who currently works as a republic relations officer at the Kuwaiti Embassy in Kenya was the best and fluent Swahili presenter. During days like today; Jamhuri Day, news was brief and short  majorly based on the president’s speech at the event unlike these days whereby different medias have to highlight the celebrations across all counties thus taking more time.

Holidays in Kenya were treated special back in the days as all the shops and any kinds of businesses were closed. The Nyayo National Stadium where most of the national events took place was filled to the brim with patriotic Kenyans unlike nowadays whereby only a handful attend the celebrations. I spoke to Badi Muhsin and this is what he could remember about his good old days. Watch the video