Insomnia is a sleeping disorder affecting far more people that you would think. A recent study found that out of over 4,000 people, 27 percent had trouble falling asleep.

There are many things that you can do to help yourself sleep better: waking up at the same time: eliminating alcohol and stimulants like nicotine and caffeine: exercise: and even sleeping pills. However, one easy way to help yourself sleep well is by making simple changes in your bedroom. Believe it or not, your sleeping environment has a significant effect on how you sleep.

To establish and maintain a regular sleep pattern, training yourself to sleep can be done using cues such as darkness. Excessive external light triggers your body into thinking it is daytime and therefore time to wake up. One way to combat this is by investing in thick curtains or blinds.

Blocking lights helps plunge the room into peaceful darkness which makes it easier to gently fall asleep. Lower wattage bulbs and lampshades also diffuse harsh lighting, creating a calm ambience. The most important piece of furniture in your room is your bed. Whether you are into large beds with ornate headboards or simple minimalistic frames, the right bed, or rather the right mattress, can make or break your sleeping experience.

There is a reason that nothing beats a night in a nice hotel. They work hard to ensure that their beds from the frame to the mattress, and even the linen, is inviting and comfortable. You deserve the same thing in your home. If your mattress is older than seven years, if you regularly wake up with a bad back or aches, if it takes you 20 minutes to find a comfortable position before you can fall asleep, you need to replace your mattress.

The types of pillows affect your sleep too. Consider investing in a few high-quality pillows rather than having hundreds or even none. Your neck is fragile, it deserves adequate support as you sleep. Even the type of bedsheets and duvet have an effect. You are going to spend an average of 6-8 hours every night in your bed, so invest in good linen and a supportive mattress.

As a young girl, my mother would despair of the state of my room. In my head it was an organised mess, in hers it was chaos. But the state of your room has an effect on the state of your mind and therefore your sleep. Decluttering will clear your mind. By allocating different cupboards and drawers for certain items, it is much easier to ensure that your room stays tidy. Your mind is already full of the day’s clutter so keeping your bedroom tidy and organised creates a calming environment

Decorating your bedroom should never be stressful. It should be a collection of the things that make you feel at peace. You could look for some ideas for improving your bedroom by visiting the Tile and Carpet’s big annual sale. The sale has discounts on bedroom furniture, linen, curtains, ornaments and lots more. It can help you redesign your bedroom to help you sleep better.

King Bed with nightstands
King Bed with nightstands

How we sleep affects our mental health, our relationships, and our general levels of stress. A few simple changes may make you sleep better and improve your life overall.

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The Big Annual Sale at Tile & Carpet Centre
The Big Annual Sale at Tile & Carpet Centre