Nandy and Billnass

Tanzanian singer Nandy is engaged to rapper BillNas. The two have been showering each other with love and fans are loving all that.

The couple has been serving couple-goals with five qualities that are making them be very memorable in people’s mind.

  1. They have the same phone passwords.

2. They handle each other’s social media pages.

3. They have similar phones.

4. They have similar cars, BMW to be specific. Nandy shared a photo of them sitting ontop of the cars and wrote;

BMW… BIMA GANG 🔥 am so proud of us! Trust me we ni boonge la best friend booonge la hyper alafu una akili nyingiiiiiiii, the man behind my maturity 

5. They have collaborated in two songs ‘Buganda’ and ‘Do Me’


Billnas engaged Nandy live on TV when she was performing. However, the singer does not wear that engagement ring

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Before the engagement, the two had separated and Nandy was said to be dating the late Ruge Mutahaba, a Tanzanian media mogul who died after a short illness.

Nandy being proposed to by Bill Nass

Nandy was also rumoured to have dated Willy Paul but the two denied the claims saying that it was all for the promotion of their collabos.