Jowie in court
Jowie in court
Jowie has left tongues wagging with his fashion as he appeared in court today for the murder trial of Monica Kimani’s murder which occurred in 2018.
Jowie appeared in court rocking a well-fitting black suit, a bow tie and a gold watch to top it all.

Well here are rules one must adhere to when rocking a gold watch whether its real gold or not.

This is why Jacque Maribe and Jowie’s trial will be heard in private

  1. Buy from trusted sources

Do your research, look up certified sellers and only shop for high-end brands.

2. Store it appropriately

If you’re investing in a genuine gold timepiece, you’ve got to treat it like a baby. Gold is a soft metal.

Jowie in court
Jowie in court

The manner in which you wear it and store it can greatly impact not only the look and feel but the lifetime of the product.

Bow tie, gold watch and black suit, Jowie slays in court (photos)

3. Know your terminology

Gold comes in varying degrees of purity –the greatest being 24 karats.

In the case of watches, though, 24 karat is typically not used, because of its extreme softness.

Watchmakers prefer a more hardy 18 karat. It’s important to know what kind of gold you’re buying to ascertain value.

4. Style it right

Three simple words –dress it up.

The suave gentleman can pull off a gold watch with crisp khaki pants and a casual linen button-down, but try to keep it classy with formal dresses for maximum effect!

Give your gold watch the respect it deserves and it’ll be the best financial and fashion investment you could make!

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