11 months after being arrested in connection to the murder of Monicah Kimani Jowie is yet to be released after his bail application was denied.

Jowie was arrested in September 2018 after the body of Monicah Kimani was discovered in her apartment.

Jowie’s life in prison as Jacque and Eric Omondi enjoy baecation

Jowie Irungu Joseph
Jowie and Monicah Kimani

Unlike Maribe Jowie was denied bail by Justice James Wakiaga for various reasons.


Among the reasons why Jowie was denied bail were,

1 He might interfere with the case.

2. He is a threat to himself.

“The first accused is nursing a gunshot wound which according to the prosecution is  self inflicted in an attempt to commit suicide.

But according to the accused it is as a result of an unfortunate incident after he was shot at.

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Wakiaga added,

Whichever way you look at it the accused person is under threat of danger and should be under close supervision and that can only be achieved under protective custody where effective policing is possible.”

Jowie in court
Jowie in court

Jowie’s life in prison as Jacque and Eric Omondi enjoy baecation

3. He has no permanent residence given the fact that Jacque Maribe’s house is now a crime scene so the court fears he might be a flight risk in layman’s language anaweza potea.

4. He is a dangerous person for the fact that he owns a gun and some potential witnesses might feel intimidated.

5. There was no tabled evidence to show that Jowie could not be able to access specialized medical attention.

He had submitted that he was in need of specialized medical attention thus he be granted bail.

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