Nollywood has always had a love and hate relationship with Kenyan fans. On one hand, there are the loyal followers who swear by the prowess of veteran villain Patience Ozokwor, on the other, are the fans who cannot stand the excess and exaggeration of Nollywood’s storylines and production.

But allegiances aside, if you’ve been paying attention then you’ll agree that the industry has undergone a massive transformation in the recent years. In the process, we have witnessed an emergence of neo Nollywood with auteur filmmakers like Kunle Afoloyan who has been labelled by New York Times as the “Scorsese of Lagos.”

Ready to experience the new Nollywood? Stream these modern Nigerian shows that are a must-watch on Showmax.

1. My Flatmates
My Flatmates on Showmax
My Flatmates on Showmax

Released on M-Net’s Africa Magic in 2017, My Flatmates is a Nigerian sitcom that follows the lives of four friends who share an apartment that they are too broke to afford but they try to make ends meet somehow, as they showcase the hilarious chaos that comes with living together. Also making an appearance is their intrusive landlord and equally hilarious neighbours and guests who add to the crazy antics and drama that makes My Flatmates a must-watch comedy.

Still need more convincing? Here you go, it features award-winning Nigerian comedian Basketmouth as the struggling comedian Frank and former Shuga heartthrob as the opportunistic Sammy, whose skills to scam anyone around him are as good as his looks

Prepare for giggles, My Flatmates is streaming on Showmax

2. This Is It
This Is It on Showmax
This Is It on Showmax

Created and directed by Lowladee (Plan B), This Is It follows newly-wed couples Tomide and Dede as they navigate through their first year of marriage. A strong believer in “love conquering all”, creator Lowladee has said in a past interview that This Is It captures the real, raw side of marital challenges but on a lighter-note because ultimately the show is a fairytale love story about a perfect couple even amidst all the challenges. Who better to bring this perfect couple to life with believable chemistry than Kenya’s own Nick Mutuma and Nigeria’s Chy Nwakanmwa.

This Is It won Best TV Drama Series at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards 2018, and is streaming on Showmax.

3. Tinsel
Tinsel on Showmax
Tinsel on Showmax

Tinsel is by far Nigeria’s most successful soapie having been on air since 2008.  The show has been credited for kick-starting the careers of some of Nollywood’s top actors including Ghanaian Chris Attoh (Shuga). Tinsel which won Best Drama Series at Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice 2017 is set in the glamorous and cut-throat world of film-making and follows the rivalry between two families who dominate the industry.

If you are looking for a familiar face closer to home, you’ll find it in Tare Duke played by Kenya’s Lizz Njagah (How to Find a Husband, Jane and Abel) in earlier seasons.

Tinsel S1-7 is streaming on Showmax.

4. 40 and Single
40 and Single on Showmax
40 and Single on Showmax

40 and Single may be Ghanaian but it would be unfair not to feature on this list especially with the film/TV industry crossover between the two countries. 40 and Single breaks boundaries in ways that many African TV shows are not bold enough to. It follows the tumultuous life of bridal fashion designer Ebaner Temple (Marie Humbert, An African City), a single woman in Ghana with progressive choices when it comes to her sexuality.

Directed by award-winning American-Ghanaian filmmaker Leila Djansi and also features Vanessa Williams (The Flash, Soul Food), 40 and Single is streaming on Showmax.

5. Before 30
Before 30 on Showmax
Before 30 on Showmax

Like Kenya’s How to Find a Husband (Erica Anyadike), Before 30 tackles the societal pressures faced by women to get married by a certain age. It follows four career women in Lagos as they navigate their personal relationships while also facing pressures to get married before they turn 30, and stars new Nollywood’s elites like O.C Ukeje and Beverly Naya.

Before 30 is streaming on Showmax.

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