This world is no longer fit for anybody.

When men are not gang raping their fellow men, kids are getting sodomised left right and centre.

Rapists have now tuned their attention to grandmas.

It is with this backdrop that grannies are taking self defence classes because rapists have been targeting them.

One of the grandma’s said the reason they are now targets is because their is no “possibility of them having HIV AIDS”.

Personally, I think it is a great idea because every woman needs to learn self-defence. This will deter the cretins of this world from taking advantage of them. With self-defence in addition to being alert and confident, these grandmas from one of the big slums in Nairobi are learning how to throw a mean punch. I like the difference the karate classes seem to have made in their lives.

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Kiss TV’s Grace Msalame loves this idea.

She wrote,

“I don’t even know what to say ?
First it’s so infuriating to know there are idiots out there attacking women who would pass as their own mothers or grandmothers! Who are these beasts?
Secondly as much as this reality saddens me to the core! I love how these super women are taking the power back into their own hands??But I still ask- where are the protectors? When did a Mans instinct be to attack & not protect.” ?

Check out the karate grandmas in the video below.

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