Anne Kiguta

Citizen TV’s Anne Kiguta is one of the most talented media personality in the country. The sexy siren who is now a mother of three has always left Kenyan men mesmerized with her gorgeous looks and every man wants to have a piece of her.

Wewe Endelea Kuparara! Anne Kiguta’s New Look After Pregnancy Leaves Women Dying Of Jealousy (Photos)

Anne is also among the few women who know how to take care of themselves. She doesn’t look like her real age, at all; one can easily mistake her for a college lady.

Well, as young Kenyan women are struggling with weight loss, Anne Kiguta is super sexy, her figure speaks volume. And that’s why men, some who are fit to be her sons are lusting after her.

Anne Kiguta

This photo on Instagram saw mafisi lust after senior Citizen TV news anchor and here are some of the comments

“Send your WhatsApp,” wrote one of her followers.

“Those eyes really ‘murder'”, commented another one.

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“Mrembo Kweli….” wrote another follower.

“White teeth, brown skin, wah, I’ve never seen this. More than beautiful”, read a comment posted by Anne Kiguta’s follower.

“Pretty lass”, read another comment.