Fisi Celina

Sexy former TV program mother-in-law actress Celina (real name Catherine Kamau) is a woman under sieke!

For the longest time ever, the voluptuous TV personality has been on the receiving end of admiration by many men, including her close friends!!

Her curvaceous figure keeps on terrorizing men over and over again!

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The latest fisi to get attracted to this hot damsel is none other than popular comedian and actor, Abel Mutua!

Abel, a former actor in Citizen TV’s popular local show Tahidi High and KTN’s Hapa Kule News, took his fisi tendencies to his Instagram page, lusting after Celina.

Celina, who just turned 30 years of age, is engaged to fellow actor and director, Phillip Karanja. He is also a former actor in Tahidi High.

Abel, who is married, posted in part:

“First of all huyu @phil_director akilalia masikio Hapa huyu mubaibe @kate_actress nampiga mimba 13 back to back kama season ya game of thrones. Sijali kama ananuka uzee. Speaking of uzee guess who just turned 30!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!”

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However, Abel and Celina, who seem to be long-time friends, laughed off the joke. Kumbe he was just making fun of her!! But who knows…

Check out the full post and reactions below…

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