If there is a calendar day that thirsty men really look foward to then it’s October 13 – the international “No Bra Day”.

On this day, women all over the world are encouraged to go without their bras to raise awareness for breast cancer, but to Team Mafisi it is a day for feasting with their eyes.

Runyenjes MCA Steve Simba caused commotion at Embu County Assembly yesterday after asking his female colleagues to remove their bras to show solidarity with other women.

Runyenjes MCA Steve Simba
Runyenjes MCA Steve Simba

According to the MCA who is said to be in his late 20s, it was useless for the women to say that they were in unity with others who were marking the day without showing proof.


Simba went on to say that the female MCAs should have been checked at the entrance – to see whether they had complied with the directive – before being allowed into the assembly.

His remaks left his colleagues shcocked with some women asking him to act like a married man.

Simba interrupted Makima MCA Penina Mutua who rose to say that women have their own ways of marking the day. According to him, her words can not be trusted since she did not comply with the directive.

His remarks angered Ms Mutua who called him out for being childish adding that he should not be excited about women’s breasts yet he recently got married.

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