Qui Qarre aka Qhronicle

A Nairobi based poet, who goes by the name of Qhronicle on Twitter has come to expose a photographer identified as Moha.


The young lady whose screen name is Qui Qarre narrated her horrifying encounter with Moha, who she became friends with on social media. According to Qhronicle, she used to sell men’s shoes and one day, Moha, who was a fan of her articles asked her to deliver shoes for him in Kikuyu.

What she would find was a ‘monster’ and not a fan. Here is her story as posted on Twitter:

“He said his name was Moha. I had simply not met him but he had a familiar face and often commented on most of the articles and short poems I shared on facebook. He would go on and slide to my DM and gave feedbacks about most of my posts. It’s there we’d become friends and Later exchanged numbers after about two or three months of small talks and chats. Whats app became the new avenue on which talks were held. We got to know each other. He said he was a student pale MKU Nairobi and was a photographer, pretty much interested in poetry and capturing Emotions. Dang!! He was pretty smart and kind with words. I, on the other hand, was an electronics broker in town and a shoes seller (preferably say, hawker). I was 18 at the time, fresh from high school and hustling hard to maintain the “Miss Independent” in me.

I specialized in selling men’s shoes and jeans. Most of my customers were, therefore, young men especially footballers. It was easy to deal with them cause they (most) really value the idea of dressing up & good grooming. Plus they’d always buy shoes for twice the normal amount (footballers ball😂).


So it wouldn’t take Moha long to buy into the idea. He ordered some blue and black airmax and would pay half the amount cause he was inturn to take some nice pictures of me. So the other half was to pay for the shoot. He lived in some place close to Kikuyu like he said…

I often delivered my shoes to customers around the CBD and probably at homes of those that were close friends. In this case, this Moha guy asked me to drop his at Kikuyu and would pay the transport back and forth. He insisted that his dad’s place was perfect for a shoot #trouble

I hesitated but since he was buying two pairs of shoes and paying for transportation, I decided to go. Besides he had to take pictures of me around their “Studio” in Kikuyu. I made deliveries the entire day then at around 3, I boarded a bus to Kikuyu. I had like 8k from the day’s Sales. Instincts told me to deposit the money Kwa mpesa but I didn’t have my ID with me so kudeposit tao ingekua hard. Either way I was going to make more money and deposit yote in Kikuyu. I got there about 3:30 he picked me up in smiles. He wasn’t as good looking as the selfies I had seen. He was jovial and talkative. He said their place was about 15 minutes walk and the studio was close to his parents place. Went ahead to say it was unwise to walk since he didn’t want me to leave late. Akaita bike sisi hao… On it.

The last thing I remember seeing was Alliance Boys high school. He was talking while on tarmac when we took a left on to a dusty road. He was silent. The ride exceeded the 15 minutes. I started getting butterflies in my stomach but maintained a confident look. Tukafika place maduka na ma nyumba zikaisha😭😭 akashuka.


The place was bushy and hilly. The nduthi guy left hata he didn’t take cash neither did he look back. Afraid add I smiled and told him that his studio was far off.. He didn’t smile. He told me to turn and follow a path downhill.. In a sarcastic voice I said…

“Take the lead you know this place better haha” The Dude gave me two hot slaps I literally fell.. Then he hit me and said “Mimi sio nyanya yako! tembea” guys I walked. Into some bushy path in prayers. I want sure I was going to die and wondered why I did see it coming.

There were no people or houses. Screaming was not an option. But with the 8k in my pockets, I turned to ask him to take it and let me go. Hairy😷😭 He was holding a njora and a rungu which were in his bag all along. I kept walking. He was silent and breathing heavy sort of

A psycho. Tukafika Kwa Reli tuka vuka. Then tukapanda mlima tena. Then came to this one spot surrounded by nappier grass. He laughed at how scared I was. Then said I was the stupidest yet smartest woman he had dealt with. Bila kuambiwa, I took out every valuable item I had, money. My phone, the shoes, my watch everything then handed him. He grabbed me by my locks and said “Kumbe si ngumu kushika ma miss independent Pia…” he laughed then gave me a blow. Hit me with his rungu(the Maasai ones) and started counting the money asking if he was cute enough for Him. He said,:

“Hii nikama ku bet by the way ungekua usha toa nguo.. 😭”

Baas now nkajua ivo ndo nlikufa not rape Jesus. Then the dude started going through my phone. And laughing… He hit me again and asked me to remove my clothes if I didn’t want him to do it. I took off my Sweater then got up. I told him I had a bad disease (hoping to scare him) he laughed. Lifted his to hit my head but I missed it and by the time he was picking it up… Whue I ran for my dear life… The bastard chased me. Threw his njora and hit my back but I couldn’t stop.

I remember him shouting. “utakutana na wengine huko mbele” there was no way I was going back. I was bleeding from my nose but kept running for like 20 or so minutes I can’t remember. Then I took a path downhill and there were two women washing clothes by a river and some men. I simply just told them there was a man chasing me and one helped me sit by the stream. They asked if the man was a thief and did not even appear surprised. It was a thing in the area. They talked of the many young women who’d been found dead in the area… After the bleeding kutulia, they led me to their place another about 15 minutes walk. They told me of even relatives they had lost in the area. It’s then I learnt I was in a place called #KidFarmerCo. One offered me her phone which I used to call my mum. I asked her to send me fare for she could not at that time understand what I was trying to tell her. But she sent the money then the two women took me to Kikuyu. Made sure I boarded a matatu to Ruaka. They kept asking me to be thankful to have left the place alive. I eventually got home safe.

The few people I told this Thought it was one of those stories I write or “ufala”. You might also think so until it happens to you. All that I have said happened to me so if you are out there be very careful with this online people you decide to meet physically. I nearly lost my life but I’m glad I’m alive.”

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