15 years ago, Legendary singer E-Sir was pronounced dead. On a Sunday morning 16/03/2003 the singer was involved in an accident while returning from a show in Nakuru. The accident occurred just next to Elementaita.

Nameless survived the accident.

Talking about how he caught wind of the news, E-Sir’s brother Habib Amin says it was the first time he saw a dead body.

Habib said this to KTN News’ Duncan Khaemba on the Untold story.

“That was the first time I ever saw a dead body. It was the first time and the worst time is that it was my brother’s and It was scary. When you see somebody you love in a certain state that you’ve never seen before, its traumatizing. You can never forget.”

He passed on at the age of 21 while Habib was just turning 18.

“He past on when I was about to turn 18. He was my elder brother and I knew him as my protector, he was always there for me. He took care of our family, he was the bread winner. I remember him as the person I would go to when I had a problem.”



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So, how was E-Sir like when not doing music?

“He was spiritual. He used to read the Bible a lot.” Habib said