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Diana Marua isn’t happy with her sister. In Bahati Reality’s recent episode, while on a date with the father of her two kids, Bahati, Diana lamented about her sister Val.

I want you to let Varl (your PA) go. I’m not saying that in a bad way. But at the point imefika she’s not professional,’ the mother of two told her hubby.

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“I fire your sister? Bahati posed.

It has gotten to a point she doesn’t act professionally. She’s always misbehaving…She’s not the best person for you. Let her go get a job somewhere else and get a new PA, Diana added.

The Mama hitmaker interjected;

But you’re the one who suggested her for the PA position!

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He defended Varl, saying,

How do you wake up one day and tell me to fire her yet you’re the one who suggested her to take the job? I personally think she has done a great job. she has streamlined everyone including weezdom.

I don’t have any reason to fire her. Firing her is a no at the moment,’ he said as he walked out of Diana who was still eating.

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The 30-year-old mother tried to convince him to fire her but Bahati didn’t listen to her.

You’ll come to tell me about it later. You will regret not listening to me,’ Diana said.

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