Betty Kyallo has been called out by Kenyans after she posted a photo of herself on social media with makeup gone wrong over the weekend.

The K24 news anchor was attending the Miss World Kenya Plus and hawk-eyed fans were quick to notice her makeup fail.

One fan says,

Wow ulikua unakaa fiti dee… Wachana na too much make up you look good na slight make up
Friends make life even more enjoyable. 😍😍😍😍 It was such a vibe during the Miss World Kenya Plus over the weekend.💃💃💃.

Thanking God for the times we laughed.👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽May we have many more @gitaujudy @thesarahmwangi

Betty Kyallo

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Another fan, however, shows her displeasure on how much makeup she has on saying,

Too much make-up they destroyed your pretty face

Just when you think Kenyans are done with Betty another points out that she needs to warn her makeup artiste to keep off her face next time.

My kafav achor😍 but mwenye alikupaka makeup asiwai kukuguza tena, see the neck part 😥

betty kyallo

Like many Kenyans, one Kenyan goes to comment on how much Betty has added weight, makes one wonder kilo za wenyewe zinamwashia nini.

Umenona round beautiful

Another adds,

That dress is a killer for sure 💕 love you Betty and your work but round hii make up artist didn’t do justice on your face ama ni flash ya camera? 🤷‍♂️

Just when you think that Betty has read enough savage comments for the day another adds

Ako ka makeup ni kabaya kwedaaaa…in teacher wanjiku’s voice

Another fan advises Betty Kyallo to fire her make up artist ASAP.

fire your makeup artist asap. 🙄🙄dress is beautiful tho❤️

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One of Betty’s fan come to her defences urging Kenyans to be soft on her adding that there is no need for shadiness.

Lawddddd 😡 i swear some people will never see the padlock of HELL doors😏.. You were not there neither was I, so hatujui if ni light or the photographer 😦.

She adds,

Ok! Maybe the make up was little bit much but can’t y’all compliment my her politely without this unnecessary harshness plus shady behavior .

Anyway Betty you looked stunning don’t care how the make up was you damn slayed 🙌🔥, haters will always hate😒. You really looked good the rest doesn’t matter❤️❤️😘

Churchill comedian Jasper Murume goes on to assure the mother of one that despite the criticism she is still beautiful.

You must have been a beautiful baby😍😍

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