Size 8 has in an interview with Mpasho revealed that her life has been a bumpy ride despite her fans thinking its all glitz and glamour.

According to Mama Ladasha people interceding on her behalf has seen her through the tough times.

I have fought for my life so many times where the devil decides he will take me.

People arise to intercede for me and I ask God to keep me alive.

The  thing that has shaken me a lot is when I lost my baby and when I found myself in ICU.

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Size 8 admits,

There was a day one of my sides was not OK as I had been paralyzed.

There was also a time I was shooting Pambio Live and my heart was in so much pain.

I would shoot and then take a break to hold my heart.

Size 8 adds that she has not had an easy time despite what people assume.

At that moment being in that show and talking was a blessing whether people watched the show or not.

There are times that I cannot even hold my daughter because I am so sick and I have to be rushed to the hospital at night.

Size 8, DJ Mo and Ladasha Belle

Size 8 adds,

Me being alive and seeing my daughter is more important to me. There are more important things in life for me.

You should not take to heart what people say as long as you are alive, that is all that is important.

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