Nameless Wahu

Kenyan’s longest showbiz power couple, Wahu and Nameless have their bad days even in all the bubble of love they float in. Nameless had an interview with Mzazi and opened up on how they deal with the bad days as a family.

Nameless was honest saying that yes, Wahu does get mad and when she does, they always take time out and relax to reduce the anger levels in an environment of ease then come and talk about it. They are at a point where they know each other very well (wamezoeana) so they know how far they can go in their rage.


Nameless even says that for any relationship, when you argue and the anger levels are high you might say something you will regret and if one or both of you are loud, no one will understand the other and the problem won’t be solved.

ANAWEZA JAM NA KATI YETU mimi ndiye more authoritative na VILE TUMEZOEANA with time tumerealize hata tukijamiana tutulie tusionglelele saa hiyo so tunapause then tunaongelelea matime 


‘Nameless broke into a bit of a sweat the first time he met my parents,’ Wahu Kagwi spills the beans

Nameless also talked about what he goes through his music especially live performances and video shoots as a man with a family. Mzazi asked him if Wahu ever complains about the women he grinds on especially on stage and he said that the best thing is she has and still is in the game so she understands how these things work.

Anaelewa niko kazi and so its just acting for me. Even for Tumiso, I have to explain to her that this is just work and nothing more so even when people comment, my family is are well aware its just but a job