Lilian Muli

Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli has finally issued a statement regarding a widely shared video which showed her hurling insults at a waitress.

MPASHO EXCLUSIVE: Atrocious Video Of Lilian Muli “Assaulting” Weak Waitress At A Popular City Joint Surfaces

A day after the ‘scandal’ blew up, the screen siren just tweeted “Goodnight. One Love” that was it. We’ve not heard much from her since then.

It now seems like she has decided to issue a more comprehensive statement that would seem to address the matter.

Through a post on Twitter, Lillian questioned the motives of her exposers before saying that she was not contacted so that her side of the story can be heard.

Check out the tweet below.

From the very onset, I must say that I find this interesting; interesting because before the story went up, we granted her a right of reply but she snubbed us.

Check out the screenshots below.

After the story was published, we again tried to call her and again our efforts ended in futility as she hang up every time we called her.

Lillian Muli has been the talk of the town after a video capturing her insulting a waitress at an upmarket establishment went viral.

In the video, the news anchor is heard yelling words like words like b*tch at the waiteress.

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