Tanzanian singer has been discharged from hospital after being involved in a road accident last week on Thursday.

Updating his fans that he is okay, Mr Nice shared a video on his Instagram and captioned;

Thanks jesus..im going back home now now now from hosPITAl….18th march 2021 9:39.

In another post he shared;

‘Another hard time again, but i thank god I’m alive …devils is a liar to me ……16 march 2021.’

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Speaking to Millard Ayo, Mr Nice shared his experience;

”The lorry was transporting milk to Nairobi when the driver lost control and his brakes failed to work. So he hit my car and we rolled. The glasses cut me deep with some getting into my body, my ear was also cut pretty bad but the doctors have managed to restore it.’

He explained that he was asleep when the accident woke him up.

‘I was sleeping so that I could get the strength to do the show that was taking me that direction. The accident was a serious one that happened at around 6:45 pm. We managed to get help from people who rushed to help us, but then others also stole things from us. But I am recuperating now.’