Daddy Owen
With his wife on their wedding day

Daddy Owen has in an exclusive interview with revealed that most of his friends that got married around the same time he did have broken up.

According to Owen one of the main factors in the breakups is that society focused so much on empowering the girl child at the expense of the boy child.

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Daddy Owen noted:

The world is changing. people should understand that we are in a transition period where women are being empowered without preparing the men.

Owen says the only advantage for him is that one knows when to identify a transition and how to act on it. Yaani, innovate or die.

As for me I am educated and I know some of this things we go through in marriages and relationships is a transition.

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He continued,

When I was growing up I knew how a man should be and how a man should behave  because my dad and uncle taught me these things.

Daddy Owen and his wife Farida

All these things are hardly being practiced anymore. Personally, I sit down and discuss issues with my wife but that was unheard of back then. Whatever my dad said was final. The best thing is to sort every issues as it arises.

Daddy Owen then drew comparisons with the old school patriarchal skewed marriages to the power dynamics of unions nowadays.

Imagine coming from such a background where you have been taught what to expect as a man and meeting someone who has been empowered in a different way. The things you have been taught can’t apply anymore.

On why people are killing each other in marriages and relationships, Daddy Owen gave his two cents.

The reason why people are killing each other is because of frustrations. You are like ‘how am I arguing with a woman?Haniskii aje?’

Daddy Owen. photo credit: Instagram/Daddy Owen

Back then, women had no opinions. Women are changing and men are not changing because they were not prepared for this ‘revolution’.

Daddy Owen adds that at times a man can be frustrated because most people are comparing marriages abroad and marriages here at home.

 Fights between in-laws have also increased and it has become scary. I cannot pretend nor lie that things for you young guys will get better.

He continued:

I am in marriage and the rate breakups among the friends we got married with at the same, is  big.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen. photo credit: Instagram/Daddy Owen

The gospel star went on to explain that some of his pals have confided in him about their marital woes.

“Someone will tell you. ‘Ehh mimi kwa nyumba wife hanirespect’. ‘Mara, ‘ooh my wife’s family does not want me anymore because I am not working.’.”

In conclusion, Daddy Owen advised.

The solution to some of these problems is for us to prepare the boy child so that asiingie kwa marriage thinking he is the ‘boss’.

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