DK Kwenye Beat
DK Kwenye Beat

FIDA, the Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya (FIDA) is ready to help the 20-year-old who is alleged to have been s3xually abused by gospel singers DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the organisation said that:

FIDA Kenya is appalled to read about of the inhuman and degrading incidence to a young woman allegedly committed by @Dkkwenyebeat. It is disheartening that a section of the society is condoning the action. Statement by alleged perpetrators have also been brought to our attention,

Adding that:

FIDA is reaching out to the young woman to offer legal support. With instructions from her, we will ensure that the perpetrators are arraigned in court. Such heinous crimes do not only warrant an apology but stringent measures. Violence against women must stop @fidakenya is calling upon the @ODPP_KE to investigate the matter

DK Kwenye beat fida

DK kwenye Beat’s girlfriend Shanice commits social media suicide

Media reports indicate that the student was infected with an STI which she later found out was herpes.

According to the Kenyan constitution, Section 26(1) (c) of Kenya’s Sexual Offenses Act says:

Any person who, having actual knowledge that he or she is infected with HIV or any other life threatening sexually transmitted disease intentionally infects another person with any sexually transmitted disease, shall be guilty of an offence, whether or not he or she is married to that other person, and shall be liable upon conviction to imprisonment for a term of not less than fifteen years but which may be for life.

Size 8 spoke to the lady in questions and revealed:

And yes for sure she is in great pain I really feel her after our talk she at least felt the love of JESUS CHRIST but she didn’t expose the story out of bitterness she was just trying to create awareness to other ladies to be safe and not trust anyone.