Fena Gitu in white
Fena Gitu. photo credit: instagram/Fena Gitu

Fena Gitu is one of the most captivating of female musicians in Kenya. Her personality oozes from her with the various looks ranging from her androgynous look to her new girly look. And didn’t we mention her music? Her club-bangerz are a staple for anyone who says they love Kenyan music.

Fena Gitu in jeans
Fena Gitu. photo credit: instagram/Fena Gitu

The acclaimed singer and rapper gave an interview to the Standard Newspaper and gave out some riveting insights into her life and times at USIU where she studied International Relations and Psychology from 2008.

She said that her favourite course was human sexuality.  She also liked international economics but that her no-nonsense international economics lecturer made the course not so interesting. But not all her lecturers were all uptight. Her International Relations course was a highlight for her. Her lecturer in that course was Steve Biko, who was very knowledgeable, young, and inspiring in the field.

She describes the life at USIU as fun at the campus especially the part of making lasting friendships. It was also here that she discovered herself and began her professional music career because she would use her free time to write music.

Fena boasts of famous and unforgettable classmates such as Sheila Kwambox and Madtraxx who ended up being friends in the entertainment industry. The surprising ways in which life plays out.

She started making money towards the end of her campus years by performing at various gigs such as Blankets and Wine. While this was going on around her, she wasn’t really able to have a dating life because she did not have time for relationships. Not the crazy reason you were expecting? Huh? Me too! As a result of this, her dating life was stale at best.

She would go clubbing with friends from school and from other schools like Changez (Lenana High) for those who don’t understand. All the same, she thinks campus relationships are really cool and those who like should go for it.