Fena Gitu
Fena Gitu. photo credit: Instagram/Fena Gitu

Fena Gitu has a style that is very androgynous. A style that leaves many wondering about her sexual orientation. Even at a time when she is doing well on the charts with her song, “Trouble”, trouble was brewing, and it seems to have been started by a post by Fena herself.

Fena Gitu
Fena Gitu. photo credit: Instagram/Fena Gitu

The phenomenal woman was writing about her dear friend Edith Kimani.

Fena Gitu
Fena Gitu. photo credit: Instagram/Fena Gitu

The photo shows Fena and Edith in a very suggestive pose. A pose in which Fena has folded her lips as if to kiss someone, someone she LOVES! The only person in her vicinity in the photo is Edith Kimani: presumably that love, and that kiss is reserved for her. Her caption was itself was more instructive.

Fena Gitu and Edith Kimani
Fena Gitu and Edith Kimani. photo credit: Instagram/Fena Gitu

It said:

“Find yourself someone who looks at you like I look at @edithkimani 😁💝 This is what 10 years of friendship looks like 😍 Thank you for loving me. I love you!”

Here is what some followers on her page said after she posted the photo and the accompanying caption:

wambopt Hi Fena,mimi huona kama wewe ni lesbian,huku south Africa ni mob#

redeyesrea haha let those who know English comprehend

pius.magoya U two are trouble

mirehaney_kirera 😂😂😂 aki trouble2018

edithkimani My heart ♥️ #always #trouble#alwaystrouble 🌶

If you look carefully at the comments, you can see that Edith responds, and her response is equally as intimate as Fena’s, calling her “my heart”.

Edith Kimani
Edith Kimani. photo credit: Instagram/edithkimani

Oh, well! As Mr. Nice famously said in one of his songs, kila mtu na dame wake. Hehehe!

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