Female rapper Femi One is tired of trolls who are always on her case, especially when it comes to her appearance.

A while back a photo of her without makeup surfaced and as always social media never forgives. She was trolled with many claiming that she should just wear makeup forever because she looks weird without it.


Women have always been trolled for wearing makeup. Most times they are questioned why they have to put layers of foundation on their faces yet they are beautiful with their natural skin.

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This world is confusing because one time you are told you should just wear makeup then the next you are bashed for wearing makeup. People need to choose a hustle, because it’s confusing.

Well, Femi One is not about to entertain trolls as she blasted those who question her naked face.


She took to social media to make things clear that people’s hate comments will not affect her whatsoever.

She said,

Lol so I’m being trolled coz of my before and after make up pics…society is F*** up I swear. Well there you go, no shame in who I am or how I look and you shouldn’t be 😊. #embraceyou.”