Diamond and Zari Hassan Wedding
Diamond and Zari Hassan Wedding

Diamond Platnumz and his estranged wife Zari Hassan might be getting back together after parting ways unceremoniously in February 2018.

The two haven’t been in talking terms until recently when they started communicating on matters co-parenting.

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Zari has finally allowed Diamond and his mother to speak to their two kids Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan. She has also been recording videos of her kids sending sweet messages to their dad and grandma Sandra.

The mother of five is actually a fan of her ex’s music and has on several occasions shared videos listening to some of his sons. She recorded videos of Tiffah and Nillan dancing to Diamond’s new song Quarantine and sent them to him.

The Baba Lao hit singer shared videos of his daughter and just like most dads, he revealed he was afraid that she was growing up so fast.

#QTChallenge From My Princess and Lovely Daughter ❤🌺❤ @Princess_Tiffah 🌺❤🌺❤… Haka Katoto kakikua Katanichuna sana 😂😂 .. [when he grows up she will give me trouble].

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She shared another video of the four-year-old girl and captioned it,

#QTChallenge From My Genius and Beloved Daughter @Princess_Tiffah All the way from The South of AFRICA….She killed everybody!


The singer posted a video of is first son Nillan dancing to the Quarantine song and his post read,

A #QTChallenge from my Genius Prince @PrinceNillan ❤🌺❤…. I bet this one is going to be the Next Mark Zuckerberg 🌍

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