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A city woman has left many shocked after she revealed that a man she met through her friend f****d her armpit.

After hooking up with the man she was shocked after learning of his fetish. He inserted his cassava in her armpit instead of her honey pot.

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Taking to social media she wrote,

My friend introduced me to this guy and he asked me to meet him at his place.

After having lunch, we started making love, kissing. He told me to sit down and before i knew it he had vaseline in his hand. He took off my bra. I was about to take off my pants but he told me not to.

He applied vaseline under my armpit and put his penis there. He started pumping (having sex). I was shocked. He cum on my chest and legs. He later called a cab to drop me home and gave me Ksh 7,000.

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Check out comments from social media users

funmi Some people’s fetish amazes the devil

dcckhan Congrats dear, you just opened a new branch on your body

okhlahoman He does not want Breaking news. 😂Local girl is pregnant😂

auntytoni What sorcery is this??😭😭😭

leo_kachi Maybe you look like you got an STD and man didn’t have a condom.. 🤣🤣.. But you seff, first meeting “I was about to pull my pant”.

abu_said One day, guys will begin to f**k ladies nose, you can bet this

herbiee That’s his fetish 😂

jane_bamike 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that’s what we call armpitcuming

princessezinneeke New level unlocked 🧐

damilare Psycho lol that a real f*cked psycho

anthonyfelix what don’t you understand? Lol he doesn’t want STD.

kel_astron Let’s bet, you’ll still go back again 😂

gbemi I’m trying to figure the position you both were while this was going on. Were you lying on your back? Or you were sitting down? I’m confused.

olasalamthe Do whatever makes you happy! You got paid.

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towchy_praise He doesn’t want you to hear stories that touch. I think your armpit is safer without a condom since he doesn’t know health status. My problem now is most guys will start f*cking armpits now😭😭😭

ndiichie A guy that f*ck armpits would f*ck any part of your body. Only God knows what happens in the long run because it’s not normal.

scib So many weird stories untold. That’s where the dude derives joy.

princess And the whole time he was doing it what were you doing? Moaning or looking at him with your mouth wide open in shock? I’m still trying to picture the scenario😩😩😩

onome_tj 👏👏 it means you smell sooo good, unlike some people! 😂😂😂 Ok, seriously, that seems to be his fetish!