If you’re only finding out about this now, you are a tad too late. Last week, Mpasho revealed that the self-proclaimed billionaire and aspiring politician Steve Mbogo had a fake bio, and we even proved it. If you missed that, read the article below.

BURE KABISA! Fast Rising Kenyan Politician Hon. Steve Mbogo Exposed For The Fraud He Is (EVIDENCE)

Our expose sparked a lot of reaction from Kenyans on social media, prompting the companies involved to react to the story.

Fly 540, a local airline whose board Steve Mbogo claimed to sit on as a non-executive chair, has vowed to sue him for the claims.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Fly 540 Chief Executive and owner Don Smith said he was surprised by Mbogo’s claims.

“He has nothing to do with 540 nor has he ever and this really pisses me off and we are in the process of suing him for passing off,” Mr Smith told Nairobi News 

Mr Smith said he has never met the self-proclaimed billionaire. “We have never heard of him until he posted his claims on the web site,” he said.

Meanwhile, Faulu Microfinance Bank Limited has also distanced itself from Steve Mbogo, stating that he has never served on its board in any capacity and that they do not have any affiliation with him.

Read the letter below;


Interestingly enough, when we reached out to Steve, he said he could prove everything on his bio.