Ababu Namwamba

Several men have come out to brand Ababu Namwamba a certified ‘fisi’. Make that, a ‘fisi hatari’.

According to a story on the Nairobian, Daniel Namwamba, his uncle, Engineer Johnson Wasimba, a cousin and Father David Olusi claim, the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ni moto ya kuotea mbali.

They claim he is a ‘baba taifa’ and that he has sown his wild oats far and wide.

Ababu Namwamba
Stylish Ababu Namwamba

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Ababu’s cousin, Engineer Johnson Wasimba will not let his daughters anywhere near the politician.

“I have daughters in university, and never in my life did I think I would tell my children to avoid their uncle. But yes, I have warned my daughters to avoid Ababu. No one is safe around him. People are afraid to speak about these things, yet they know it’s wrong. They are afraid be-cause they are poor and take handouts from Ababa.”

Wasimba claims that Ababu doesn’t care what people say or what their opinions are and he only listens to the president.

Ababu Namwamba
Ababu Namwamba during the recent campaigns

‘Betty Kyallo, vile nakupenda yangu yote unanifanya hivi?’ mourns bitter city man (Screenshots)

Meanwhile, Father Davis Olusi claims that the politician knocked up a watchman’s daughter

“I know he impregnated his watchman’s daughter. This type of immorality must be condemned.”

His uncle also details how he impregnated many women. Check out the Nairobian for all the goss.

Ababu is yet to comment on the allegations levelled against him by his close family and priest.

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