Timothy Kimani Nderu, popularly known by his stage name, Njugush, lightens our days.

He recently became a husband to the love of his life, Celestine Ndinda, from his college days during a fresher’s bash and then later on they became a couple and now a family.

They are parents to a three-month-old baby and Njugush cannot hide his excitement. This coming Sunday, he will be celebrating his first ever fathers day and as he puts it, cannot wait for it.

Fatherhood ni kitu nimekuwa nikilook forward to tangu nikuwe mrefu so its something exciting I can’t wait. I am so excited. I am a super dad

The best thing about being a father is that he is learning every day. Njugush realized that the most crucial years of a baby from is from the age of 0-3 years because that is when the brain is developing.

“tumejaribu sana tuko on three months we are learning on the way. we are enjoying it. he is a boy, homundu strong! i realized the first 0-3 years are the most important kwa mtoto. because brian inadevelop,” Njugush whispered.

In fact, he puts it out there that when an older person has poor grammar the first thing they say is ‘blame my nursery teacher.’

That is the point where they assimilate a lot as the brain develops. As such, pre primary teachers need a high pay as it is not easy.

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Men Men miss out of a chance to connect with their kids as they grow. Children end up loving their mothers more because they are always part of their growth. Njugush knows and understands this and that is why he wants to be the exception to the rule.

He does almost everything to take care of his son. He bathes him and even changes his diapers which is something most men do not do.

All this so that he is has a connection with him.

“first days kuwa mwalimu, cheza na mtoto because as you grow mtakuwa very connected because your the first person [they interact with]. and that is why watoto wanapenda mama yao kuliko baba yao because mababa ni wa kwenda mashughuli which is okay but at the end of the day mama ndo anabaki na mtoto. Mimi kuosha na kuchange daiper. kitu inanishinda tu ni kunyonyesha.”

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