Twins: Courtesy/Commons Wikimedia

Our country has been captivated by the recent story about two girls who discovered that they might be ‘twins’ on social media.

The news has understandably made the country go crazy.

Today morning Radio Jambo hosts, Gidi and Ghost, called the father of Melon, who is called Richard, one of the girls embroiled in the saga.

He said that the news had surprised him as he had once met the other Sharon in Kakamega town some time ago. When he tried calling her with the name Melon, she did not respond, also looking at him in bewilderment.

He then asked her why she was refusing to respond to her father’s calls. She replied that he wasn’t her father.

After that, he called his wife asking where Melon was, only to be told that she was in Eldoret on church affairs.

He insisted that that was not possible, telling his wife that he had just seen Melon in Kakamega at that very moment.

The two had a heated argument that resulted in him deleting his wife’s number. The issue still did not die down as his wife later told him that the girl who he had seen and who looked like Melon, was a student of Shighodi Girls. She suggested that they should go to the school to see her.

But he still refused that explanation. Later on, during an inter-schools event, the teachers from his daughter’s school went to Shighodi Girls and were surprised to see his ‘daughter’ there.

They even castigated Melon for leaving and going to another school. The teacher who had seen Melon went and complained to his wife about why her daughter Melon gone to another school.

His wife was adamant that no such thing had happened, saying she was still in the same school she had always been in.

To solve the mystery, it was arranged that both the girls (Sharon, Melon and Mevis) should meet, which they did eventually, also exchanging numbers. His daughter Melon then went to Nairobi this holiday season to see her ‘sister’ Sharon.

The two girls eventually went to the police asking them to help them find out what had really gone on, as the two looked identical.

Melon’s father said that he had spoken to Sharon’s ‘mother’ and he said that she would agree with what the DNA tests would say.

Melon’s father insists that although Mevis does not look like the other two, he believes that she is his blood daughter.

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