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Days are gone when people used to stick to traditions and even restrict their children from marrying people from certain tribes. We have seen many personalities, the likes of Waihiga Mwaura, Raila Odinga Jnr, Willis Raburu, Gerald Mwangi just to mention but a few, go beyond tribal lines and marry from different tribes.

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But to some, they still practise old traditions and will never marry from another tribe.

A distraught woman is seeking for your help after her father rejected her man of six years.

According to this young woman, everyone in her family has accepted her man apart from her father who claims he cannot accept him because he’s from a different tribe.

“I feel like the whole world is crashing down on me, I have been crying I don’t know what do. I have been with this guy for 6 good years, he is really caring, loving, supportive and just above all Religious. We have been together even before I entered university and the goal was for us to get married after my school, which I just finished.

He is literally the best I have ever had and has made me a better person today. I know his family members so well and they are very much in support of our union. The main issue is my father is very tribalistic and doesn’t want to accept him because he is not my tribe. 

Everyone apart from my father has accepted him. A few people close to my father have spoken to him but he still insists on not accepting him. Imagine having to wait 6 years of my life to get married to the love of my life and then it doesn’t work because of tribe. Please what should I do, I am so confused right now.”

Ladies what would you do if you were the one? Would you run away and get married to him despite your father’s stand or stop loving him just to make your father happy?

Here are some of the comments by online users

Musa: My dear I will advise u to keep praying. Cry to him make he understand that guy is the love of your life because his blessings matter a lot

Beliz: Sadly it’s still the times we live in, it can be hard to disobey your father, but you know he comes from a different time, where he has lived his life, let him know if he is proud of his accomplishments he should have space in his heart to let you do yours, which even involves making him proud of you. Try to reason with him as best you can, and even let him see the positivity of your union as it concerns him, cause frankly, he will bear the blame for as long as you live, if his decision doesn’t work in your favour.

Nana: just love him and your father will see your love and oblige

King: Thank your father for his love and marry the heck out of that man!

Mary: You just have to pray and wait because parent’s blessings are important.

Alashock: Prayerfully approach your father…tell him why you have to marry him. Sometimes, our parents see what we didn’t see, let your dad tell you if there are other things bothering him apart from the tribal issue. If it is just tribal – I believe you can win this ‘battle’.

Roselyn: This is serious, God will lead you right dear

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Kokwe: Fast and pray…. Nothing is impossible

Hary: I have been going through similar issue from my girl’s family, I want you to know with God all things are possible, honestly don’t end your relationship with him to make your father happy, secondly you the person going into the marriage not him, your happiness matters, you can’t always make people happy when you not happy, if your Dad cares about you then he should seek for your happiness, not tribe thing to take away your happiness for his own self-reasons, we human are just after the things of the world and forget that God doesn’t discriminate, we are all equal before the sight of God we speak the same language, your Dad needs to make you happy by granting you this happiness , his blessings matters but if he refuses then God’s blessings will see you through. pray and fast, have faith go talk to him you will see changes..#faithisthekey.

Elizabeth: My opinion.. Don’t elope just keep praying… It is well with you