Citizen TV's Jaque Maribe
With her father at Kilimani police station

TV girl Jacque Maribe needs your prayers more than before.

The mother of one, whose lover Jowie is the prime suspect in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani. Monica was found dead in her apartment last Friday.

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Her body was discovered in the bathroom with her throat slit. Her hands were tied from behind with ropes, an indication she was tortured.

Monica Kimani's parents

Well, yesterday Maribe was questioned by police investigating the brutal murder of the 28-year-old lady.

Maribe was first questioned by Kilimani DCI officers yesterday at noon after which she was referred to DCI headquarters along Kiambu Road for further interrogation. She recorded statements with homicide investigators

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Photos taken by Enos Teche show her dressed in a grey hood, black trousers, flat shoes at the Kilimani police station has left many sympathising with her. She was accompanied by her father.

Citizen TV's Jaque Maribe
Citizen TV’s Jaque Maribe


Citizen TV's Jaque Maribe
Citizen TV’s Jaque Maribe with her father at Kilimani police station


Citizen TV's Jaque Maribe

Below are some of the comments;

Rebecca Nangekhe Who would ever know that the man they are in love with is a murderer and then willingly stay? This must have shaken her to the core. No one stays with a killer knowingly..

Shiru Githui She could be just a victim, she will overcome, At least her Dad came to support her through this

Mike Ksy One man destroys two women lives.

Carol Ngatia I really feel for Jackie..It’s a shame some women are so quick to pin her down & throw shade. May the truth prevail. And hats off to the dad! It’s exactly what my father would do in a time as this. Bless him!

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Nyambura Gitonga I hope Jackie gives her truth and doesn’t try covering up her f*** boy. In the mean time I’m just praying for justice for Monica and her family. Murderers deserve nothing but the hang man’s noose / Life in prison

Laura Lizz Bettie Mutavi I wish her well…May justice prevail….but again I feel her…journalists really? How could you have her on front page and yet she’s not a suspect….her mistake was to date a suspect?? Then head it with Jaque Maribe fiance…doesn’t he have a name’??

Abby Zahra Renee Weh..God give her the strength to pull through it all!!😞😞
those posting nasty remarks and memes, to just keep in mind a person is only answerable for their own behaviour! it is unfortunate that the person she chose to share her life with turned out to be involved in a murder..

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