With roughly four months to the general election, politicians are already gearing up especially those who won the party primaries. But unlike the past where women had no say in politics, nowadays they are free to vie criticize and even endorse candidates of their choice. 

Well, early this week, Oscar award winner Lupita Nyong’o took to Facebook to urge the people of Kisumu to vote for his dad as the governor of the great lakeside city claiming that he was the only candidate suited for the position in a video that went viral.

“I have witnessed the development Kisumu in terms of electricity spreading, schools being built, roads being constructed and medical facilities coming up. You (Prof Nyong’ol have a lot to do with that… I support your bid to be governor of Kisumu county… We all know that there is a lot to be done but I know that Kisumu county will be a better place and leap into the future with you steering,” said Lupita.

But this did not go well with Tanya, Kisumu governor Ranguma’s last born daughter. She wasn’t pleased by Lupita’s assertions. Tanya Ranguma came out to lash out at the current Kisumu senator’s daughter asking her to table her evidence that Prof. Anyang Nyong’o indeed did a lot for the people from Nyanza region (Seme and Kisumu Rural constituencies) whom he represented for 20 years in parliament.

“Based on her statements, Lupita should really be a Ranguma supporter, because the developments she has witnessed in Kisumu over the last few years are actually things that my father has done, without any help from Prof Nyong’o. Her father (Nyong’o) also represented Seme in parliament for 20 years, and his development record according to CDF records was pathetic.” 

Tanya has been leaving in the United States and came back to the country recently to campaign for her father. Could she be bracing herself for the next election?

Well, for those who don’t know Tanya Ranguma, here are some of her photos, she resembles her father.


Tanya Ranguma2.

Tanya Ranguma


Tanya Ranguma
Victoria Beckham, Tanya Ranguma and Hon Michael Onyango sharing a selfie moment

ION, Prof Anyang Nyongo was declared the winner in the Kisumu gubernatorial ODM primaries yesterday. He garnered 164, 110 votes, with Governor Jack Ranguma managing 96, 480 votes.