Daddy Owen. photo credit: Instagram/Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen is a trendsetter when it comes to creating good music, but not much is known about the other role he plays in his life, fatherhood.

Speaking to the Star, Owen shared what fatherhood means to him and some of the things he does to bond with his children, especially his firstborn son, who is already in school. He said;

Fatherhood is okay. Every day I learn something new from the kids. You know being a parent helps one understand better the struggles our parents went through when we were young.

Being a father also makes one understand things they could not understand before. I always drop my son to school every morning, despite the fact the school offers an option where one can pay for transport when paying school fees.

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He added;

“Technology has taken over. Instead of them spending all their time in the house playing video games, we take long drives. That’s one way for us to bond and know what’s going on in his life. It’s very important to me. On weekends we also take long drives alone.”

In an earlier interview, the musician, who welcomed his secondborn in July last year, narrated how he almost lost his son after an anomaly with the umbilical cord. He said;

Just before booking the hospital for delivery, the doctor told us to go for a scan because my wife said she was in pain, yaani kama labour pain, yet her due date was not near.

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“We went for the scan and the results showed the cord was around the baby’s neck… Thank God my late dad told me that pregnancy matters need to be planned [for] in advance, so I was ready financially. Farida was forced to go through emergency delivery five weeks before her due date.

“The doctor said for a very long time he has had such cases, and those kids ended up dying. I was so stressed about losing my son. I decided to ask the doctor what the reason could be, and he said there is no documented reason.”

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