“One man and one woman!” most pastors would say when they officiate a wedding.

But that is not something Pretty Mike cares about.

The controversial businessman, club owner and socialite Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu alias Pretty Mike made the grand entrance st a wedding with all his six girlfriends pregnant.

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He was invited to the wedding ceremony of one of the richest and most influential Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba.

The Nigerian socialite captured people’s attention after he made an entrance with all six of them bulging from the seams and dressed silver gray outfits.

Check out the video below.

He announced that the six ladies as his upcoming babies mother’s as he awaits to receive six babies from them.

He said, “This is no film trick. We are just living our best lives.”

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Pretty Mike who grew up in Houston Texas and studied Computer Engineering owns a hype night club called Club Uno.

This controversy is not the first, in 2017 Pretty Mike was called in for questioning after he attended an event with women in dog leashes.

In 2019, Mike attended an event with four dwarfs carrying a calabash which attracted most people’s attention. He is also famous for moving around with umbrellas and recently announced that he has a pet snake.

Pretty Mike is known for his ostentatious lifestyle and is normally spotted with expensive cars in his garage which include a Mercedes GL 459 and his latest Bentley GT.

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