Gospel singer Bahati is ready to fulfill God’s command to man to fill the earth as the scripture says in Genesis 1:28.

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‘Jazeni dunia,’ Kenyans react to Bahati and Diana Marua’s pregnancy

Bahati and his wife Diana are expecting their second child and he has confessed that he wants more children.

He shared a video of Diana and their beautiful daughter heaven and captioned it;

Dear God,
I need 3 More Beautiful kids like this 😍😍😍 My Fans Please Convince my Bae @Diana_Marua Asichoke Na mimi.

His post ignited mixed reactions among his followers and comments include;

djsadic Performer 💯
pierramakenaofficial From your mouth to Gods ears…..

weezdommusic @bahatikenya Aky Haurumii mtoto wa wenyewe Diana.. Ata haumpumzishi Ajiwatch kwa #BahatiReality 😩

faith_baib Pambana na baridi ya next year uongeze mwingine.

lucymwang At the rate you are playing this game, that’s possible 😁

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marymush Amen God will bless you my dear

wambui_wa_mwangi Utotology yako is on another level

phyllphyll Sasa sekete ndio muichoree time table uko sawa

renee_empress In Jesus name ..What you pray for is what you get

eng.owadgi_fibi @bahatikenya aka Ken WA Maria najua unataka watoto haraka juu shosh ako karibu na menopause

terry.mwa Aaii I can’t support u on that. Kubeba ni stress

diana_mutevu You need prayers

leilahcharles Will you convince mine for me someday eish hizo ni bedroom matters

terry_k_terri Diana ako tayari akuna shida

d_merlaw Hahaha Diana please hubby says 3 more, usibishane mke ni submission 🤣🤣 tukutane labor room🤸‍♀️
princesspolyne It will depend on both of you who is powerful in prayers

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