Fuse ODG is undoubtedly one of Africa’s finest musicians, having put the Afrobeat sound on the global map with hits like “Million Pound Girl” and “Antennae.” In this video, the lead single off his T.I.N.A. album,  ODG – true name Nana Richard Abiona – collaborates with fellow British singer Angel. You’ll see a lot of emphasis on contemporary African fashion. This comes as a valid point to learn from as some local artists are trying to ape foreign videos by bringing in a lot of foreign aspects of fashion.

MC Hammer’s “Low Flys”

The shorts which have revolutionized the fashion scene feature baggy tops and tighter bottoms. International celebrities like Justin Bieber love this style of pants – as seen in “Lolly” video – and local and regional artists can’t get enough of it. Fuse ODG wears a black one and looks stylish through out the video; it is perfect for dance especially break dancing.


Print trousers

Print trousers work perfectly for formal or couture occasions. They can go with moccasins or oxfords. Prints can be tight or loose according to occasion and personal preferences. ODG wears different pants in the video to make a variety of appearances; something that local artists should learn on making good videos.



There’s a model who struts down the runway with an awesome glow that shows how cool the African clothe is. She shows some skin and proudly walks on the runway with a feeling of belonging. That’s how it should be; wearing something that truly reflects how you feel about yourself.


Crop pants

The dancers have jeans and print crop pants. They’ve nailed it with accompanying flat shoes and African print crop tops. Again the fashion detail is put across in a wholesome manner; the consistency of African attire makes the video exciting to watch.


Head scarf

The mamas in the video don an African print head scarf which gives the video authenticity and a warm feel of his roots; the typical look of African mothers.


Blue lipstick

This works well for the girl given that she’s got a chocolate complexion and has a printed attire. She’s got nicely done eyebrows and her facial shape accentuates her good look. Her red lipstick and creamy teeth also work for her. Bright colored-lipstick accompanied with a good face blush brings out the inner beauty in you.



Both Angel and ODG and some of the girls wear fashionable gold medallions and as they dance the swag oozes off them nicely. Medallions are a great accessory that make a good attire look even much better. The right color (matching) with the attire patterns and the right size of the accessory work best with the right occasion; for instance, don’t wear medallions to extremely crowded places as you may get chocked. Or when working – remember that gory escalator scene from Final Destination? Just kidding!


Watch the video below: