Kenyan celebrities fashion

Celebrities are always expected to look exceptional and most importantly set the pace and trend for their fans to follow.

Most of our local celebrities don’t lag behind when it comes to fashion and we appreciate them for adding pomp and colour to the showbiz industry.

Celebrities always know that they are smack in the middle of the limelight wherever they go and this means they have to be at their best when it comes to dressing since they never know when the paparazzi cameras will catch up with them.

There are quite a number of celebrities who made headlines in the fashion world and a good example is Kenyan boy band, Sauti Sol.

They are the best dressed, but to some, their fashion is not appealing.

Well, below is a compilation of celebrities whose fashion always leave many criticizing them.

1. Sauti Sol

In December 2015, Sauti Sol made headlines after a photo of them wearing tops, which many termed as mosquito nest went viral.

sauti sol fashion fail


A Twitter follower while commenting on the photo wrote,

The Luhya community disowns Sauti Sol. We don’t dress like that.

Another user tweeted,

Sauti Sol dressed in their “kick malaria out of Africa” couture.

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Chimano, who’s a member of the top band has always been attacked for his ‘fashion tragedies’.

Here are some that made fans raise their eyebrows.

Sauti Sol’s Chimano


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2. Muthoni the Drummer Queen

Wololo! She is known for her unique hairdos but many term them as ‘weird’ and ‘over the top’.

She is among the few female celebrities who’ve maintained their signature hairdos for years.

Below are photos of her different hairstyles, go through

Muthoni drama Queen Muthoni drama Queen Muthoni drama Queen Muthoni drama Queen Muthoni drama Queen Muthoni drama Queen Muthoni drama Queen Muthoni drama Queen Muthoni drama Queen Muthoni drama Queen

3. Annabel Onyango, Carol Odera and Ian Mbugua

The former Citizen TV fashion watch panelist left many talking for days whenever they graced the screen.

Their unique fashion sense was referred to as ‘horrible’ by critics

Carol Odero

Annabel Onyango ian mbugua

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Ian Mbugua

Carol Odero Carol Odero Carol Odero Carol Odero


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