There are some men who in all honesty explode onto the scene dripping in swag. Mzazi was not one of them. but he has since caught up and actually overtaken most of Kenya’s celebrities.

Scratch that, I dare say that none an hold a candle to his steez. From fresh kicks to designer labels and fitted caps, Mzazi isn’t afraid to hit the streets in his hiphop influenced outfits and his crazy shoe game. But not from the modern era of skinny jeans, neither from the old school era with baggy saggin’ pants.

I like that he has found a niche for himself that he is clearly comfortable in such that when he is on red carpets with Africa’s biggest celebrities, he fits right in, looking more like a celeb than the interviewer.

But what about cocktails? Fret not, once again, he has found his fashion niche that he is comfortable in always turning up for those in a dapper bespoke suit that -to my amazement- is colourful without looking like a fruit. Check out our fashion icon of the week below: