Ugandan women never cease to amaze. If they are not dishing out nudies, they are busy embarrassing themselves in public with wardrobe malfunctions. Over the weekend, several African celebrities attended the much anticipated Abryanz style and fashion awards ceremony that went down in Uganda.

Former NTV Presenter Leaves East African Men Drooling After Parading Her Thunder Thighs (PHOTOS)

Many dressed up for the event, but a group of 4 women were left thoroughly embarrassed after they appeared at the function wearing “crazy” outfits. They dressed in white dresses leaving little to the imagination.

Were they trying to pull a Kim Kardashian or Beyonce look? Banange! Before you wear anything, make sure you try it out before the d-day and let your friends advise you on whether or not it works. Here are the photos, be the judge


Ladies, why would you dress in such outfits while stepping out for a red carpet event? This is neither a beach party nor Halloween festival. Learn to respect yourselves!