Being a rich kid is a coveted lifestyle. You never lack anything. If you want a Ferrari, Bugatti, chopper your parents will definitely buy you. They are rich, so, to them spending is not a big deal. Whether you want to go for shopping in Dubai, partying in Miami and even if you feel like going to Brazil to shop for those expensive human hairs,  that is no problem at all. Money to them is like cockroaches in a poor man’s house, it is in plenty.

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Well, Mike Sonko’s daughters are a good example of rich kids and just like their counterparts, these lasses are swimming in riches. But it seems when it comes to dressing, they have not yet established a good stylist or that’s just their way of dressing. A few years ago, Saumu, Sonko’s eldest daughter used to make headlines because of her numerous fashion fails but after being trolled severally, she changed.

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Salma, the youngest sister to Saumu, is currently the talk of the town after she posted a photo rocking a new hairstyle. We are not sure whether it’s a weave or wig, but it was totally off. We are used to Salma wearing some nice weaves which always makes her stand out from the rest. Anyway, the wise people of the internet always say, fashion is what you are comfortable in. Here is the photo.

Salma MbuviSalma Mbuvi

Salma is the latest celebrity to be shamed over fashion fail barely a week after Kenyan women attacked Janet Mbugua for rocking a horrible weave.

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