Every year we look forward to the Grammy Awards. This year’s was the 59th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony. We saw stars from our favorite shows, legendary artists, producers and so many other people we love to watch walk down the red carpet. However some of the stars walked on the red carpet ready to make a memorable fashion statement.

We saw the likes of Solange, Halsey, Jacqueline Van Bierk, Santigold, Joy Villa, super girl crush, katy Perry among so many others who wore outfits that shocked fans. Unfortunately, we are yet to forget about these outfits not because we were in awe. We are yet to forget because our loved and adored celebrities were in outfits that were simply beyond disappointing. Here are some of the celebrities who made a statement once the stepped on the red carpet.

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Kenyan Celebrities Disgust Me! Check Out These Red Carpet Photos From Riverwood Awards

Setting the Gammys aside, we had the Kenyan Riverwood Awards ceremony where our local celebrity actors and actresses attended. The talented stars also walked down the red carpet making statements of their own. While most of the starts rocked the African Kitenge outfits and actually pulled it off, a number decided to wear whatever they felt would make an even bigger statement.

Well, I think we can all agree that we obviously still have quite a long way to go. Here are some of the celebrities who wore outfits which like our international stars mentioned above will not be forgotten any time soon this year.