Anne Waiguru bride

Kirinyaga governor, Anne Waiguru strutted into Kiamugumo Primary school with a lot of pomp and colour for her traditional wedding.

All shades of brown and orange filled the playground where the wedding ceremony is taking place.

Her bridal party was at hand to escort her to the tented area where a huge white dome is housing the grand festivities.

Her groom arrived a few hours earlier.

‘We have accepted Waiganjo,’ Anne Waiguru’s mum speaks out

Check out the video below if you missed that.

Now, check out the bride making her entrance. Here are the photos of the bride’s arrival.

This is how Anne Waiguru’s fiance saved a city man’s marriage!

Here is the video of the bride arriving.

Now check out photos of other guests looking all dolled up for this grand affair.

Miss World Kenya CEO Terry Muigai attends Anne Waiguru's wedding oozing pure class
Miss World Kenya CEO Terry Muigai attends Anne Waiguru’s wedding oozing pure class
Sabina Chege
Sabina Chege

On arrival, the bride and groom proceeded to carry out a traditional called cutting the “kiande”.

This is the “cutting off the shoulder”. It is the central point in the entire ceremony.

It is the right ‘arm’ of a roast goat which the groom cuts while the bride holds. When the groom is done, the bride continues holding on to the piece on her hand and the man cuts a piece and feeds her then feeds himself.

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Check out the photos from that ceremony.

Anne Waiguru Waiganjo Kimotho Anne Waiguru Waiganjo Kimotho

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