Terry Muikamba

Body shaming has become too much. Celebrities are being bullied right, left and center on social media. Classic 105’s Terry Muikamba is the latest victim.

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The presenter shared a photo posing with her co-host Mike Mondo but this did not go well with a section of her fans.

Terry Muikamba
Classic 105 presenters Terry Muikamba and Mike Mondo

She was trolled and came out to respond to her

One of Terry’s followers identified as Richard Omondi.

Who wants to see a lady with a protruding stomach like she has eaten a cow?? Who? How can i have a one pack and u also have one… Its a sign of too much eating and laziness in bed… Msichana anakodoa macho kodo kodo

Another one identified as Ojwakz wrote;

Well I may be blind but that potti (tummy) is damn big

Richard went H.A.M on both Muikamba and her follower saying;

My relatives are not oversized …its one thing to be big and it’s one thing to have a big belly… She is not big… Her tummy and maybe yours is a sign of laziness from the bed to job, etc.. Ni mtu pangalaaa!!! Fanya sit-ups, ruka ruka kiasi… Na punguza kula usiku… Anatwambia netflix vitu cheap cheap… Na ako na toyota ist mzee…

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Some celebrities came out to defend Terry Mukiamba and below are their comments;

Jackyvike: Do you Ma, as long as you are happy about YOU that’s all that matters 😘🤗 🤗 ❤️

Teacherwanjiku: Some people are plain stupid nkt, don’t give them the time, your Instagram your rules whoever does not like it, there is a button that says unfollow😏😏@terrymuikamba You are beautiful 😘

Thatchicklyndan: These basics wish they were as flawless as you are on your bad days!!!! we are merely dust for you to sweep us away sis!!!!

Jibrilblessing: By the way post your picture we see how perfect you are maybe you’ll inspire us with your 8head

Ivy: Bullies with shallow minds. You have an amazing body hun.


Terry Muikamba responded to trolls and below a statement, Mpasho.co.ke has seen

Terry Muikamba

Other celebrities who’ve been body shammed include Raburu, Pierra Makena, DK Kwenye Beat, Sanaipei Tande etc.

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