Kathy Kiuna

Kathy Kiuna never lacks to hit the internet waves. Their church has been named as one of the most expensive churches in Kenya.

Allan and Kathy Kiuna

Last year she promised her audience cars through prayers and the congregation is still waiting for the blessings to fall on them.

Such controversial stories have been doing rounds making her famous.

Kathy Kiuna


This time is no different. She posted a video on Instagram talking about how long she has been in traffic for way too long and clearly, that’s not what people paid attention to.

Pesa Ni Mzuri! Allan And Kathy Kiuna Living The Life In Australia While You’re Struggling To Make Ends Meet (Photos)

The fans trolled her on the horrible makeup she had on after having a session with her makeup artist. Someone even told her to hire a makeup artist yet her makeup was done by a ‘professional’.

Reverend Kathy Kiuna

One mbesa commented, “Hire a makeup artist pls…no hard feelings though. I respect and love you so much”

Here are some of the comments:

Wambui: Your eyebrows ain’t matching

Mary: Khai mum hii makeup ya leo dahhhhhhh..!!

Dannm: Sasa unakaa aje” u look like slay queen and yet wewe ni muhibiri “Gospel cartels

Felista: Thanks for that word but that makeup betrays you

Gianna: Face painting

Liz: The makeup is bad

Maicy: The makeup is off

Here are pictures of the bad makeup: