Lulu Hassan
Lulu Hassan with her husband Rashid

Lulu Hassan says while it is fun working next to her husband Rashid Abdalla, the expectation from her viewers is a lot.

In an interview with Millard Ayo while on a visit to Tanzania, she said, “There are challenges. For instance, most people would watch the news with a third eye. Some will watch to find out if we fought at home or we are good.”

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She said one of the toughest challenges is when the couple is forced to present sad news.

“There are times we would be presenting sad news back to back, then you can not smile, but to fans and viewers, they think we are not happy with each other, which is not the case,” she said

Rashid-Abdalla-and-Lulu-Hassan in the office

Lulu and Rashid have contributed to the making of the famous Tanzanian filmed titled ‘Huba’.

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