Alex Mwakideu left Radio Maisha which is a normal thing, I mean people switch jobs all the time but the way things are going it seems like there is some bad blood.

The show he hosted alongside Jalang’o, Maisha Asubuhi, was a show that had a huge following then Jalang’o left and Otoyo replaced him and the fans base was somehow retained. Jalang’o left to join Jeff Koinange at Hot 96 on a show that is as diverse as it’s audience wide.

Captain Otoyo
Captain Otoyo with co-host Alex Mwakideu

Competition on morning radio is crazy. Everyone at that time is tuned in so as a presenter you need to step up your game and make sure your show is the most listened to.

Alex Mwakideu announced his exit from Radio Maisha on Thursday which was his last day and before we knew it, Radio Maisha already put up a post referring to the show he hosted with Otoyo as a TBT and an outline of the new hosts went up but their faces were hidden.

Kilicho na mwanzo HAKIKOSI mwisho. 
It’s been 8 AWESOME YEARS and I will miss Radio Maisha. 
I will always remember kuanzia the first day when we OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED this station during my Show… It’s been a good ride!!! Let me say a HUGE AHSANTE to the entire team of Radio Maisha and The Standard Media Group… All the presenters I’ve worked with Kuanzia kwa Esther Ingolo, Mshamba, Jalas, Nick Odhiambo and now Captain Otos…. You guys are simply the Best!!! To EVERYONE who’s ever listen to me… Ahsante sana!!!
Aaaaah wacheni sasa nikalewe kisha nilie kisha…. Hata sijui 😭😭😭

This seems to have rubbed Alex the wrong way. Today he woke up in a shade throwing mood. He posted a picture on social media of a kings crown which read:

i am not replaceable and i mean that in the most humble way possible 

Wacheni nikalewe! Alex Mwakideu leaves Radio Maisha, was he poached?

This did not sit well with his followers. Many of whom asked him to be humble -but in not so humble terms. Here are some comments:

Julie: Just move on swiftly…You’ll be shocked to note that you are very replaceable.

Everline: Humility is a virtue

Chris: wacheni kubembeleza punda kwa mteremko.. kama hutaki kazi potelea mnali n radio zaidi ya 📻 jalango ndio nliona can’t be replaced bt otoyo is doing better…. ziku zote gari ya kuvurutwa haitawai overtekii… na wewe ndio hilo gari… you aren’t big than

Luiz: Kweeenda uko, nilikua nakuonaga wa maana kumbe buuuree kabisa… pumbav kabisa ww

Cleophas: Hii ndio utoto wa hali ya juu. We have had many radio gurus and they have been replaced

Patrick: @alex_mwakideu what has got into your head? Have u taken weed this morning… I used to respect and admire the way u used to work… But on thissss!!

Alex Mwakideu and Jalang'o
Alex Mwakideu and Jalang’o

Is it really wrong to feel like you have what no one else can have? Maybe there was a better way for him to say it without sounding like a really arrogant man.

Let’s wait and see where he will go after his sudden exit from Radio Maisha a place he once referred to as home.

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