Daniel Dambuki alias Churchill has advised comedians and entertainers to take advantage of social media to grow their brands and propel their careers.

This he said during the burial of the late Churchill comedian Othuol Othuol.

According to Churchill, being a brand requires work, something most people are not willing to put in.

‘Being a brand requires discipline and consistency.

It’s just like a school you might go to Alliance but that does not mean that you will get an A, not everybody will pass.

My advice to comedians and entertainers is to take advantage of social media and stop calling your fans family.

Don’t wake up telling them what you are eating, where you are going an everything you are doing, STOP IT.’

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He further added

‘Your family is your mother, father and your kids. Stop frustrating them.

Fans follow you because you are funny, The moment you stop being funny they stop being your fans,.

I still wake up at 4am, it’s not easy. I do not want to come to another function like this.’

His final advice

‘Focus on your career and make God and  your family happy.’

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