Dr. Ofweneke

Things have gone south so fast for the celebrity couple of Dr Ofweneke and gospel singer Nicah The Queen. A few days back Nicah was talking about choosing a wedding dress, less than a week later, she posts photos of a badly battered face. Heeeh! This couple is taking us on a serious emotional roller coaster.

Are Dr Ofweneke And His Baby Mama Finally Tying The Knot? (Photos)

Fans have taken to defending Nicah after she went public with the news that she has been getting battered.

Some of the fans claim the photo was from way back. But the fact remains she was battered.

janet_georges am wondering also does this guy knows wat goes on in the bedroom as if he’s there all time it’s shows @nicahthequeen has been abused for long she has to speak up. Anyway God knows he will provide and protect you.

el_sagasi4 @nicahthequeen leave it at that…don’t fight them..u fell and got up, u will get up again. God is with u my friend He will fight for you

missnamai Pole sana dear. But @drofweneke am extremely disappointed… Go back to ur wife n makes things right lest u regret a great deal.

jackyregina And to imagine he mcees at weddings??????????????. The people who hire him should see this ????????

Pris, Tuliachana Kitambo! Dr Ofweneke Confirms He’s No Longer Together With His Baby Mama

bethwel_bethu Ok so @nicahthequeen is gone…@drofweneke ubukusu ya kupiga wanawake peleka kwenu.

chebetivy It shall be well with your soul just have a little faith hun,,don’t loose hope @nicahthequeen
mopao@Niccathaqueen please don’t do this the media isn’t nobodys friend let God give u wisdom to handle this in private???????? not everyone here has the best interest @heart…don’t let anger help u make decisions…I pray Gods wisdom prevails.

sheila_koech @nicahthequeen you are a beautiful woman, I don’t know you much other than being your fan but all I can do is pray for you to find peace together with your kids, be strong gal .itakuwa sawa ❤❤❤❤❤.

sinta_akama advised Nicah, “Washing dirty linen in public! Then what? U humiliate the man who provides for you! U talk lies about him you ruin his career then what next? What do you gain? U all loose… He is your daughters dad.. And she will get to read this some day remember internet never forgets!”

millychebby Why are we women our own enemies it hurts me to hear you abuse @nicahthequeen were in their marriage who are you speaking for? I wish you were in her shoes, listen here Karma us real kindly shut up coz you don’t both sides story mind your business are you married I would want to know?go check mpasho and see who started this 1st… @nicahthequeen mami IT SHALL DAWN AGAIN…

wanjirushirly It doesn’t matter how old the pic is, the fact remains that she was battered @mskerubo. Maybe she just chose to speak out now! May God give you the strength and wisdom that you need this time

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